Faure Herman – Liquid Measurement

Helical bladed turbine meters, liquid ultrasonic flow meters [UFM] & tanker loading/unloading meters.

Katronic – Liquid “Clamp On” Measurement

The KATflow range of portable and fixed clamp on ultrasonic flow meters allows non contact measurement of the process with minimum intervention and no lost production or pressure drop.

SICK – Gas Measurement

Gas ultrasonic flow meters with single, dual or four measurement paths for custody transfer and process gas metering applications.

Emerson – Liquid & Gas Measurement

Emerson range of liquid & gas densitometers, Micro Motion coriolis meters inc. Rosemount pressure & temperature secondary instrumentation, Rosemount magnetic & vortex meters.

Doedijns – Liquid & Gas Sampling

Systems and equipment.

Seiko - Cone Differential pressure flow meter for gas and liquids.

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